Experience a relaxing spa moment near by city of Kuopio at the versatile spa department of Kunnonpaikka!
From the spa’s wide selection of pools, you can easily find a pleasant option for both the little ones and those looking for a peaceful spa atmosphere.

Hydrohex virtual training

Hydrohex pool training offers a whole new way to work out in our spa.

The Hydrohex display can be found by the therapy pool and the attraction pool at the spa opening hours. Hydrohex training is always possible in the therapy pool when it is not reserved for a guided group. During guided group exercises, the Hydrohex display is available in the attraction pool.

It’s fun and effective, come try it!

Wibit Aquatrack

Wibit makes a spa visit even funnier!

Wibit Aquatrack consists of obstacle tracks, slides, climbing and other super fun for both children and adults.

Aquatrack is available on weekends, from Saturday afternoon (from around 12 a.m.) until Sunday afternoon (until around 1 p.m.).

Aqua Sport

The new era of group exercise is here!

Aqua Sport combines water drag resistance and lightness with fun and certainly heart-pounding group exercise classes. The exercise tools are e.g. poles and boards. The spa features Acquapole® and Reaxing® equipment, which offers more opportunities, but also significantly increases the effectiveness and intensity of the exercise.

Our pools

Fitness pool

The pool depth is 130–200 cm, and the water temperature is +27ºC. There are four lanes in the pool.


In our fitness pool, you can run and swim surrounded by the soothing lake landscape of Kallavesi. At the deep end of the pool it is allowed to practice jumping into water.

Entertainment pool

The pool depth is 100–130 cm, and the water temperature +30ºC.

The spacious attraction pool features hydromassage showers, a water slide, wall and floor jacuzzis and seating jacuzzis.

You are allowed to relax and rejoice!

Therapy pool

The depth of the pool is 100–130 cm, and the water temperature is +30ºC.

The fair-sized therapy pool is used especially for rehabilitation and for water sports, but it is also suitable  for safe diving or undisturbed stretching.

Kids’ pool

The pool depth is 0–25 cm and water temperature is approx. +33 ºC.

The warm and safe children’s paddling pool is ideal for the little ones in the family. The mini slide and bath toys make water games enjoyable all year round.


The pool depth is 65–90 cm and the water temperature is approx. +33 ºC.

The soothing water of the jacuzzi relaxes the whole body and mind. The jacuzzi is fitted for a few enjoyers.

Walking pool

The pool depth is 100–130 cm, and the water temperature is +30ºC.

The long walking pool allows for rehabilitation, but also a safe swimming experience for those who have just learned to swim. There is space for an aide next to the pool. The pool also has three wall and floor jets and is also great for relaxing.

Cold water pool

The pool depth is 140 cm, and the average water temperature is +8ºC.

Stimulate your blood circulation by taking a dip in a cold pool. In the summertime, the pool is an excellent substitute for open-air swimming.

Spa opening hours

Mon - Fri7 a.m.–8.30 p.m.
Sat8 a.m.–8.30 p.m.
Sun8 a.m.–7.30 p.m.
The spa reception opens every day at 8 a.m. and closes 30 minutes before the spa closes. When the spa reception is closed, the hotel reception serves for entrance ticket purchase and entrance to spa. The saunas are heated for one hour after spa closing. The Wibit track is in place in a 25-meter pool on weekends from Saturday around 12 a.m. until Sunday 1 p.m. Note exceptions during school holidays. See regular reservations of pools and training facilities Please note possible exceptions to opening hours due to holidays.