Accommodation reservations


1) Booking and confirmation

Booking made by customer is binding to both customer and hotel, when hotel/booking center confirms the booking. This booking can be made verbally and written. Booking made on phone the call works as a confirmation. If possible, hotel gives an written confirmation, that has to have mention about agreed services, prices and cancellation policy.

Bookings can only be made by person over 18-years of age. Person booking a room for person underage is responsible for the booking. Underage person accommodating alone has to have a license tag signed by guardian, which shows underage person’s name, date of birth, time of stay, guardian’s name and phone number.

2) Customer’s arrival and departure

Unless otherwise agreed, room is for customer to use from 15:00 on the day of arrival to 12:00 on the day of departure.

3) Late arrival

Booked room is kept reserved until 18:00 on the day of arrival, unless agreed about late arrival.

4) Cancellation and non-arrival

Agreement about hotel room booking is binding to both sides. Provided that either side breaks the agreement, is that side obliged to pay compensation to the other side. If hotel has special costs because of the booking, customer will compensate these costs fully.

Compensation for not using the room as a private customer is counted in accordance with the following:

Compensation is not obliged, if cancellation has happened no later than 18:00 on the day before arrival.

If cancellation happens after timing mentioned above and the room doesn’t get booked to another customer, customer pays the whole price.

If customer won’t arrive and hasn’t cancelled the booking, customer pays the whole price.

5) Departure before agreed time

If booking is made for specific time and customer leaves before agreed time, customer is obliged to pay the agreed price for the time not used.

6) Individual vacation reservations  (packages etc.)

Cancellation can be made without cost 7 days before vacation starts.

If cancellation is made less than 7 days before vacation starts, customer will be charged 50% of the vacation’s value.

7) Cancellation of treatments

Treatment reservations have to be cancelled no later than 16:00 the day before the treatment, otherwise we’ll charge the normal price.

8) Group reservations

1) Accommodation, saunas, meals, meeting, program- and experience services etc.

Event’s cancellation is possible without cost no later than 30 days before time of the event, if not agreed otherwise.

If event gets cancelled later than 30 days, but not later than 14 days of the event, charge will be 50%.

If event gets cancelled less than 14 days before time of the event, charge will be 100%.

Number of persons has to be confirmed no later than 14 days before time of the event or per order other time agreed, however at least 7 days before.

2) Meal reservation changes

Booker commits to inform amount of participants and confirmation of servings to Spa-hotel Kunnonpaikka no later than 14 days before time of the event, where we allow +-10% deviation 4 days before the event.

We use the 4 days before confirmed participant amount as a invoicing criterion.


Regarding prices Kunnonpaikka grants the right to change prices, because of, for example, Kunnonpaikka’s suppliers or VAT changes. Price chances are aimed to be informed as soon as possible to the customer. These cancellation policies are followed, unless said otherwise on a offer or booking confirmation. By confirming the booking, customer commits to these cancellation policies. Possible disagreements are primarily solved with mutual counsel.


At Kunnonpaikka, the room price includes