For unique experiences you don’t need to travel further than our backyard — the scenic lakescape offers things to do and experience all year round!  

Seasonal Activities

Winter Season

Experience the idyllic nature of Eastern Finnish Lakeland by taking to the lake itself! Traverse the frozen lake surface by ice skates, trod the snow-laden mounds with snowshoes, or grab skis for the ski tracks.

Make a pit stop by a nearby campfire site to enjoy a refreshing snack, or head over to the neighboring Paasisalo hiking trail. Cap off your day with a relaxing visit to our authentic smoke sauna and an invigorating ice swimming dip into the lake!

Summer Season

The best way to experience the scenic nature of Kallavesi is from the lake. Grab a paddle board, a boat, or even an AuroraHut igloo boat , for the full experience!
Try your hand at fishing, or just enjoy the sandy beach – something the little ones in the family like. Alternatively play a few rounds of disc golf, beach volley, or even minigolf.


Invigorate yourself in the smoke sauna, and be refreshed by the magical atmosphere, rustic mood lighting, natural scents, and relaxing quiescence.
Let the warm löyly calm your spirit, and bring you closer to nature.

– Kallavesi offers things to do and experience all year round!

Indoor & Outdoor Activities 

Padel and Pickleball

Public pickleball courts are available a short walk from Kunnonpaikka. A padel court is available at the same location, but requires a fee to use

Paddle and pickleball rackets and balls can be rented for a fee.

For more information, please ask our receptionists.


Badminton can be played in our Gymnasium. The space can be used to set up max. 3 courts for up to 12 players. The courts have an hourly rate, and equipment can be rented for a fee.

iWall -virtual Gaming Screen

iWall -virtual Gaming Screen is a movement activated gaming device for solo or co-op play. The library of games is diverse, from action to sports titles.

iWall is available for free to use for our customers.


Our Gymnasium can be used to play a variety of sports, such as basketball, floorball, badminton, volleyball, and others.

For more information, please ask our receptionists.


A pool table is available in the hotel lobby for our customers to play. A single game costs 2,00€.


A 9-hole minigolf course on our backyard provides a fun group activity. Multiple groups can play at the same time without disrupting other’s play.

For more information, please ask our receptionists.

Paddle Boards, Canoes, Kayaks and Boats

Experience the enjoyment that comes from exploring the lake! Multiple paddle boards, canoes, kayaks and boats are available for renting.

Beach Volleyball

Next to our beach we have a beach volleyball court. Volleyballs can be rented for a fee. 

For more information, please ask our receptionists.

Disc Golf

Kunnonpaikka has a 9-hole disc golf course. The total length of the course is 500 meters, and par is 27.