STANDOFF-Laser combat game



STANDOFF is a fast and energetic indoors laser combat game with police and robbers -theme, that fits everyone aged +10 regardless of fitness level. The game arena is built inside the hotel, and it makes a perfect stage for the game. Gather your group and take down the enemy!

There are many different game formats from standard Team Deathmatch to Capture the Flag. You can play STANDOFF as Cops vs. Robbers, or as Free for All. Every game session is controlled and arena's set, sounds and lights make up an unforgettable game.

Opening Hours 

Mon–Sat klo 8–20 
Sun 9–19


Group Prices:
60 min: 210€
90 min: 260€
120 min: 300€

Student discount –15%, if at least half of the group are students (valid student ID required). 

Sundays and Holidays
On Sundays and holidays the prices are increased by +30%.

Sales service Kunnonpaikka
044 7476 560 or