Rules for the spa

kunnonpaikan kylpylä

Spa's general rules of conduct

Taking others in consideration and being polite adds to everyone's comfort. The time included in the spa ticket is 2 hours, including dressing. 

Dressing rooms and showers

Wash yourself well before going in to saunas. Also wash hair.

Sauna and showering happens always without bathing suit.

Shower after using sauna.

Long hair is advised to be kept up or use swimming cap.

Use proper bathing suit (No shorts or sports attire).

Outside shoes or sandals are forbidden in the spa-area.

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Pool area

Move around calmly in the pool area because of the possibility of slipping.

Dont jump to the pools from the edges. Jumping to the water is only allowed at the 25 meter-pool's 1 and 2 jumping platforms.

Don't go in to the waterslide before the prior person has gotten off. Slide feet first, one person at a time.

After the slide, exit the pool immediately so the next one can come.

Hanging on sport pool's separating cables is forbidden.

Long distance diving is forbidden without swimming administrator's permit.

Follow the swimming administrator's rules.

Cameras are forbidden in the spa.

kunnonpaikka Spa


You can dine at the poolbar Kuplis. Kuplis is licensed, so please don't take food or drinks outside the licensed area.

Bringing drinks and other foods in glassbottles to the dressing-, shower and pool area is forbidden.

Childen who can't swim are under the responsibility of the guardian. Children under 7 to the pool area only with guardian.

Kunnonpaikka doesn't take responsibility for items left at the lockers.

Smoking is forbidden everywhere inside the spa.

Staff has the right to remove customer from the spa due to bad or disturbing behavior.

Breaking the rules can lead to temporary ban to the spa.

Person doing intentional damage to Kunnonpaikka's property is liable for damages.

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