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Adaptation courses for people with skin diseases

Adaptation courses for people with skin diseases are meant for adults, who's every day life performance abilities are at risk because of skin diseases. Adaptation courses are allocated for people with psoriasis and other difficult and long term skin diseases.

Course's goal is to support rehabilitee with adapting to life situation changed because of disease. Rehabilitee has to have enough independent ability to perform in service provider's premises without continuous assistance. 

Course content

Adaptation course's goal is to secure and improve rehabilitee's working- and studying abilities. Among general rehabilitation themes, adaptation course supports rehabilitee's and his/her relatives' increase of knowledge of disease and its treatment. Also one goal for the course is to recognize own strengths and resources, and to find ways to manage every day life and work. One important aspect in the course is to form mutual networks in the group and get peer support. Adaptation course lasts 5 days, which is held in one session.

Applying for course

To apply for this course, you'll need Kela's form KU132. Among the form you'll need doctor's B-statement, which shows rehabilitation needs and goals.

Forms delivered filled to your nearest Kela.

Course numbers and starting days:

For people with psoriasis:

72165, Starts 29.10.2018

72779  Starts 11.2.2019

72780  Starts 27.5.2019

72781  Starts 16.9.2019

72782  Starts 9.12.2019

People with other difficult and long term skin diseases:

72783   Starts 25.3.2019

72784   Starts 14.10.2019

Adaptation courses for people with psoriasis arthritis:

68981, Starts 26.11.2018

68982, Starts 17.12.2018


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