Mental health disorders

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Silmu - Rehabilitation courses for people with mental disorders

Silmu-course is rehabilitation course for adults with mental disorders. Disorder can be for example, mild to moderate depression or anxiety disorder or bipolar disorder. Course is implemented partially as a family course. Rehabilitee's adult relative or close person participates for 1 day during the middle section.

Course's goals

Course's key-goal is to increase rehabilitee's and their relatives' knowledge about the disorder and rehabilitation and to find ways to strengthen work- and managing abilities on everyday life. Rehabilitation is executed in group form, and every rehabilitee creates their own individual goals for the course and works to achieve those. Course's group activities are important for achieving peer support.

Course lasts 15 days. Course is held in 3 section, each lasting 5 days in Kunnonpaikka. Courses group sections are agreed for 12 month period. Rehabilitation is designed for people in work, returning to work, students and in rehabilitation support.

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Applying for course

You'll seek out to a course with Kela's form KU132, where you add doctor's B-statement. These are delivered to Kela's office. Kela sends positive rehabilitation decision to you and to Kunnonpaikka. Prerequisite for accessing course is to have valid relationship with healthcare.

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Silmu-rehabilitation courses, family courses for people with mild to moderate depression or anxiety disorder

70377: Start 21.1.2019 
Relatives' section: 2.8.2019

70379: Start 28.1.2019 
Relatives' section: 23.8.2019

70378: Start 4.2.2019 
Relatives' section: 9.8.2019

70380: Start 11.2.2019
Relatives' section: 6.9.2019

70381: Start 4.3.2019
Relatives' section: 13.9.2019

70382: Start 11.3.2019
Relatives' section: 20.9.2019

70383: Start 25.3.2019 
Relatives' section: 11.10.2019

70384: Start 25.3.2019
Relatives' section: 18.10.2019

70385: Start 8.4.2019
Relatives' section: 25.10.2019

70386: Start 23.4.2019 
Relatives' section: 8.11.2019

70387: Start 6.5.2019  
Relatives' section: 29.11.2019

70388: Start 13.5.2019
Relatives' section: 13.12.2019

70389: Start 20.5.2019
Relatives' section: 20.12.2019

Family courses for adults with bipolar disorder

70403: Start 18.3.2019

Relatives' section: 4.10.2020


70404: Start 29.4.2019

Relatives' section: 22.11.2019

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By clicking course number you'll get to Kela's website for more information.

Print out SILMU 2019 rehabilitation brochure

Print out rehabilitation brochure for bipolar disorders 2019

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