Pub Kulkuri

Kunnonpaikka Pub Kulkuri kuopio

Pub Kulkuri

Our Pub offers a living room designed for adult, where you can eat and drink, sing and laugh and live the best sport moments with us.

We are easily accessible and easy to stay for longer time with aftergames, karaoke, sports, darts or boardgames. Sports are the most fun to watch with company from a big screen!

Kunnonpaikka Pub Kulkuri kuopio

Kulkuri is open every day and you can come watch sports and entertainment from the big screen whenever you want.

Restaurant is open every day

Mon-Tue 6:00–22:00
Wed-Thu 6:00–0:00
Fri 6:00–01:00
Sat 7:30–01:00
Sun 7:30–22:00

Our kitchen serves:
Sun-Thu until 21:00 
Fri-Sat until 21:30


Spa & Pizza or Burger Package

Spa package includes access to spa and depending on your choice, a Fantasia-pizza with four toppings or Premium Burger meal!
Savusauna Kunnonpaikka Kuopio

Smoke sauna evenings on Mondays 18.30 and Saturdays 15

Smoke sauna evenings on Mondays 18.30 and Saturdays 15

Smoke sauna warms up twice a week, on Mondays 18:30-21 and Saturdays 15-18.

Hemmottelua Harmoniassa

Pampering in Harmonia

Harmonia spa kuopio hotel finland

Harmonia spa

Kunnonpaikka kylpyläloma

Upgrade your room to other level - celebrate in the suite

Quality time just for You two 199€ /night