Lempeä lepohetki: Indian head massage and paraffin, 30min

Indian head massage is centuries old massaging tradition. Massage always starts from neck-shoulder area and works it's way to mellow massaging of head.This massage doesn't use any oils, so it's great to have even middle of the day. Massage is relaxing and mind-freeing experience. As a series, this massage helps with stress, sleeping problems and energizes. Indian head massage is great for migraine, headache, tenseness, pains and adding concentration. 

Paraffin treatment is based on the slowly radiating heat and is best for hands. Deep cleansing and refreshing warm paraffin improves skin's metabolism, relaxes, eases pain and fades wrinkles. After the treatment, you'll surely feel your skin softened, which also looks healthier and younger. Deep cleansing paraffin treatment is best for hands and feet in the winter and it's also nice and quick add along other services.