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Training with and instructor pays off! Your goal can be weight loss, improvement of muscular power and movement or reformation of life style. With personal trainer you'll get there safe and effective.

Kunnovalmennus is individual and versatile training in Kunnonpaikka. As your instructors you'll have experts spesialized in sports and healthcare.

Our 3 month training consists of:

  1. Trainer and customer meeting 2 hours: includes starting interview + InBody body composition measurement, muscle strength tests (30 second playback test + compressive force) and bicycle-egometer test. Instructions to fill out food diary.

  2. Customer gets weekly schedule to their email, lasting 6 weeks. 

  3. Trainer and customer meeting 1 hour: Getting to know the gym equipment and making a personal gym program for customer.

  4. Meeting with a nutritionist 45 minutes: Analysis of food diary and instructions to suitable diet. 

  5. Customer gets new weekly schedule to their email, lasting 6 weeks.

  6. Trainer and customer meeting 45 minutes: Going through how close you are to your goals and how to go on with it. 

    Package includes gym membership in Kunnonpaikka for the training's duration (3 months).

Price: 149€ /month

Contacting and encouraging by email once a week from trainer.

For tracking Kunnonvalmennus we suggest these packages:

Pikkustartti: inbody + 60min personal training,  95€
Isostartti: inbody + bicycle-ergometer test + 60 min personal training, 140€ 
Testipaketti: inbody + bicycle-ergometer test, 75€





FysiApp brings health and wellness experts to your phone. 
With the app you'll train with instructions made just for you and keep in contact with your trainer.

More information from Fysiapp's site.


3 month coaching package includes:

  • Personal meeting with instructor, 60 minutes 
  • 2 personal weekly training schedules to your email, lasting 6 weeks

PRICE: 89€



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Personal training
Kuntosaliohjaus 60 min
89 €
Kuntosaliohjelma + opastus
129 €
Ravintovalmennus 60 min
89 €
Kunnonvalmennuspaketti 3 kk
149 €/ kk
Pikkustartti (InBody- kehonkoostumuksen mittaus + 60 min ohjaus)
95 €
Isostartti (InBody + polkupyöräergometritestaus + 60 min ohjaus)
139 €
Testipaketti (InBody + polkupyöräergometritestaus)
89 €