Spa's shop

Come and shop in the versatile Spa Shop!

Our shop has products for beauty, sports and even President Kekkonen!
Within the shop, we have refreshing drinks, ice cream and granola-bars in the lobby.
If you forgot something from your spa-trip, don't worry! We have you covered with swimming caps, hair ties, swimming glasses, shampoos etc.

Shop is located in the Spa lobby, near the reception.

Products can be paid in the spa reception. Shop is always open during the reception's opening hours.



Phytomer-products used in Harmonia spa also in Spa Shop!

Shop has large selection of high quality, clean and healthy products. 
If you are in need of cleansing, moisturizing, anti-aging or peeling products, you'll surely find any of them.
And we haven't forgotten about men, we have many nice things to you too!

Shop also has cosmetics: nail polish, makeup bags...

Pamper yourself at home and get lovely products to go, or maybe as gift!



Have you tasted delicious, and first of all, super-protein filled crickets yet?

Crickets are the hit of the season, and now they are available on our Shop!
Or selection includes fried, sweet and spicy crickets, so you'll surely find your favorite.
As a snack we suggest lovely, crispy herb-garlic cricket-ryechips.


''Every reason, that prevents sports, is excuse.'' - Urho Kekkonen

Wise words! Kekkonen keeps on charming, and has taken over our shop!
Our selection has lot's of Kekkonen-products: hats, t-shirts, reflectors, air refreshers, key chains and delicious Kekkonen-coffee!


Products for sports are also available in our Shop.

High quality kinesiotapes, gel-products, pilates- and faschia balls and yogablocks make training at home easy. Kunnonpaikka's own water bottles are the cherry on top to your workout.


Kunnonpakka kuntosali

Gymnastics Saturday 16.12

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Käytä kuntosaleja ja kylpylää veloituksetta hoitosarjasi ajan


kylpyläpaketti kunnonpaikka kuopio

Spa+Burger package

Spa package includes access to spa and depending on your choice, pizza with two toppings or Kunnonburger.
Lounas ja päivällinen Kunnonpaikka

Lunch and dinner from our buffet table


Mon-Fri 6:00–9:30
Sat-Sun 7:30–10:00

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