Lakeside- and smoke saunas

Savusauna Kunnonpaikka Kuopio

Lakeside- and smoke saunas

Located on the beautiful lakeside of Kallavesi, the lakeside sauna is cozy place for meetings, trainings and social events for 20-30 person.

In the immediate proximity to the lakeside sauna there is also a smoke sauna. 


Savusauna Kunnonpaikka Kuopio

Smoke sauna evenings every monday and saturday

Smoke sauna evenings on mondays 18:30-21:00 and on saturdays 15:00-18:00.

Sauna is always included to the room, otherwise the price is 10€ /adult or 5€ /children (4-12 years old, under 4 years old free).

Take your own towel and bathing suit. There's one smoke sauna, joint for men and women. Whilst you're enjoying sauna, you can also dip in to the lake. During winter too,there's a hole in the ice.

On smoke sauna evenings, we also warm up the electric sauna at the lakeside for 10-12 person. Showers and dressing rooms are separate for men and women, but the sauna is joint. 
During smoke sauna evenings there's drinks, sausages and other little snacks sold at the beach.

Savusauna Kunnonpaikka Kuopio

Room rents

The Lakeside sauna's rent is 300€ (Mon-Sat) and 500€ (Sun).
The sauna's living room is good for 30 person for social events and 20 person for meetings and trainings.
Electric sauna takes up 10-12 person. The sauna is licensed and it has it's own menu.

The smoke sauna is rented as a additional service to the Lakeside sauna, because it doesn't have it's own dressing rooms or showers. Rent for the smoke sauna is 300€.


Menus for the saunas

Ravintola KUnnonpaikka Kuopio

À la Carte -listamme

kylpyläpaketti kunnonpaikka kuopio

Spa+Burger package

Spa package includes access to spa and depending on your choice, pizza with two toppings or Kunnonburger.
Savusauna Kunnonpaikka Kuopio

Smoke sauna evenings on Mondays 18.30 and Saturdays 15

Smoke sauna evenings on Mondays 18.30 and Saturdays 15

Smoke sauna warms up twice a week, on Mondays 18:30-21 and Saturdays 15-18.

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