Room- and equipment rental

Kunnonpaikka tila- ja välinevuokraus

Room- and equipment rental

As our customer you can rent space or equipment fit to your need. We have bicycles, rowing boats, canoes and heart rate monitors. 

During winter you can find snow shoes, skis and for kids, sleds and toboggans. Equipment is also rented for groups.

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Outside activites


Hall of Mirrors

1 hour rent 75 €


Sports hall

1 hour rent: 100€

Constant rental 1 hour: 75 €

Whole day: 550 €



1 hour rent: 60€


Equipment rental
Golf club, 1 hour
5,00 €
Nordic walking poles, 2 hours
3,50 € (for group starting from 12 €)
3,50 € + deposit 15,00 €
Canoe, 2 hours
Rowing boat, 2 hours
Bicycle, 3 hours
Skis, 2 hours
Snowshoes, 2 hours
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Wibit aqua track

Enjoy Wibit Aqua Track every weekend

The Wibit track is always in place at pool on weekends, Saturday afternoon (starting at 12 noon) until Sunday afternoon (about 13 noon).
kylpyläpaketti kunnonpaikka kuopio

Spa+Burger package

Spa package includes access to spa and depending on your choice, pizza with two toppings or Kunnonburger.
Savusauna Kunnonpaikka Kuopio

Smoke sauna evenings on Mondays 18.30 and Saturdays 15

Smoke sauna evenings on Mondays 18.30 and Saturdays 15

Smoke sauna warms up twice a week, on Mondays 18:30-21 and Saturdays 15-18.

Hemmottelua Harmoniassa

Pampering in Harmonia

Harmonia spa kuopio hotel finland

Harmonia spa

Kunnonpaikka kylpyläloma

Upgrade your room to other level - celebrate in the suite

Quality time just for You two 199€ /night