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Pool therapy

Pool therapy is excellent rehabilitation form in many musculoskeletal- and respiratory diseases, neurological diseases and rehabilitation after surgeries and rehabilitation for severely disabled. Pool therapy fit for every age and people in different life situations, senior, young, working age, active movers and athletes, obese people and pregnant women. Training happening in water is preventing, restorative and relaxing physiotherapy.

Water resistance, lift and hydrostatic pressure make safe start for rehabilitation possible, remove the risk of new disability and create base for therapeutic training in dry land as in self training.

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Pool therapy
45 min 70 €
60 min 90 €


Use our spa and gym for free during your physiotherapy.

When Physioclinic's treatments happen at least 5 times, you can use our spa and gyms during the whole time. For example, is 10 time treatments happen in 3 months, you can use the services mentioned above for the 3 months. Get to know the campaign and it's terms closer here.

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