Crohn's disease and Colitis Ulcerosa

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Adaptation induction course for people with Crohn's disease and Colitis ulcerosa

Courses are intent to adults with Crohn's disease or colitis ulcerosa, who are either studying, working or away from working life. Adaptation induction courses last 5 days and the are held in one section.Relatives will not participate on the courses. 

Course's goals

Rehabilitation's goal is to increase knowledge and motivate person to self-help and help person to integrate to the changed life situation. Among these, the goal is to motivate person change lifestyle if needed and to recognize and avoid factors adding symptoms.

With this rehabilitation, we support the person on the course to build mutual networks and happening of peer support.

Seeking out to course

You'll seek out to a course with Kela's form KU132, where you add doctors B-statement. These are delivered to Kela's office. Kela sends positive rehabilitation decision to you and to Kunnonpaikka. You'll get letter of invitation and initial information in mail from Kunnonpaikka 1 month before the course starts.

Adaptation induction course numbers and schedules 2019

75777 Crohn's disease and / or Colitis ulcerosa

Starts 10.6.2019

75778 Crohn's disease and / or Colitis ulcerosa

Starts 26.8.2019

75779 Crohn's disease and / or Colitis ulcerosa

Starts 26.8.2019





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