Fitness level testing and training


Bicycle-ergometer test 69€ / person

Maximal / submaximal. Evaluation of aerobic condition, analysis of the results and training instructions. 
Bicycle test made for athletes and health movers evaluates your respiratory and circulatory system. Sustainability performance is evaluated trough your heart beat and treading resistance. With the test, you'll get evaluation of your maximal oxygen uptake. Tested people get personal evaluation of their own performance and individual physical activity recommendation.

Group prices, when you all do the test at the same time:
2 person: 59€/person
3-4 person: 49€/person


InBody-Body composition analysis 31€

Measurement and test feedback. InBody is analysis device for measuring body composition, which you can evaluate your body's fat-, muscle- and bone mass amount, bodily fluids, muscle balance, fat amount in internal organs and body fat distribution. Measurement takes few minutes and you'll get versatile written printout and analysis.

Price, when measurement is made with bicycle-egometer- or level test : 20€

Group price, when at least 10 person do the test at the same time: 22€ /person
Group measurements on Thursdays 8:00–8:45. Max 10 person.

You can book a time to group measurements on Online-reservations.


Level test 99€

4-6 x 5 minutes with rising power, tracking pulse and lactate. 
Evaluation of aerobic performance, analysis of results and exact determination of training levels. Cycking as the test.


Fitness level measurements

NEW! LiveTec-wellness measurement 138€ / person

Heart rate variability-analysis is the thermometer of wellness. It gives you information about your factors affecting your health: helps you know your individual ways to feel stress, recover from it and understand external factors, that make up the mental and physical load. Based on the results you'll get personal guidance for keeping your well-being under control. Measurement happens in 2 days (one workday and one day off). Meters are sent to your home. Feedback discussion can be held on Skype or face to face meeting. 

Group price: Over 5 person groups: 133€/person

LivTec-wellness measurements

Kunnonpaikka valmennus

Training in Kunnonpaikka

We offer personal guidance for all of our gyms. Our selection has also complete packages, where you will train with instructions made personally for you and keep in contact with your trainer.

Versatile training services

If you need help mastering singular sport or move, book a time to our instructors:
Personal training 30 minutes: 49€
Personal training 60 minutes: 89€
Personal nutrition coaching 30 / 45 / 60 minutes 
 50 / 70 / 89€

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Smoke sauna evenings on Mondays 18:30