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Kunnonpaikka focuses on improving health in general. One of our key focuses is supporting well-being in workplaces. For that, Kunnonpaikka offers great meeting services, that include just the right features your company needs.

Kunnonpaikka's meeting experts Päivi Rossinen and Teemu Soininen will build your meeting package fit perfectly to your needs. With their experience and creativity, you'll avoid the problems that may come with organizing meetings, company events or congresses.

At Kunnonpaikka you can carry out events from bilateral meetings to company events for hundreds of people. Just renewed with modern technology, there are plenty of options when it comes to meeting- and event spaces.


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Real experiences and relaxed brainstorming

The most important thing in meetings is that every participant leaves with good and refreshed mind. That's why every detail is planned together to support the entirety. 130 professionals from different fields, so we can get most suitable services just for you.

''Mine and Päivi's mission is to make meeting or event organizing as easy as possible for the customer. In addition to planning and professional services, we can also organize staff transportation to the meeting. The event itself will go smoothly, because we have planned it a script together and also we'll carry it out together'', says Teemu Soininen.

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Our meetings, work-wellness days and other company events can be taken to the next level with health and wellness services produced by professionals and different activities in versatile surroundings.

''When you need to brainstorm and use creativity to get to the result you want from the meeting, we'll organize something relaxing activity. Brains relax and refresh with pampering treatments, for example our paraffin treatment for hands or Indian head massage. After a moment of calming down, you'll have new ideas and light feeling to continue, even on a tight pace'', Päivi Rossinen describes.

Kunnonpaikka's network has among others, a psychologist and a doctor, who can participate your events as a professional and consult. Many times companies also take advantage of nurse's, nutritionist's, physiotherapist's and physical instructor's expertise for example on workplace's improving days.

Kunnonpaikka offers many different controlled indoor- and outdoor activities. One of our attractions is Finland's biggest escaperoom, which challenges you to really work as a team. Great experience services, like laser combat game, disc golf and speedminton raise your team spirit and test your reflexes. After exercising, go to smoke sauna or go swim to the hole in ice, that'll do wonders to your inspiration.


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High quality and healthy caterings

Caterings are also thought through to match your needs. We serve healthy snacks, that won't give you a sugar rush. Our kitchen also handles traditional delicacies from Savo. Whatever you choose from the menu, waiters affect the experience very much.

''One way to measure the quality of the place you're having your meeting or event, is to view the functionality of catering. I always go through every detail of the catering with kitchen: for example at what point is the main course, when are we starting to prepare dessert. I think it's a good measurement, that we have served many times coffees for 300 person in 15 minutes. And everything went smoothly'', Teemu Soininen tells.

Menus from Kunnonpaikka have gotten lots of praise from the locals and foreigners. Our menu's focus on locality, fresh ingredients, healthiness and the most important: real flavors.

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Ease & Quality – Kunnonpaikka's meeting services

With Kunnonpaikka's meeting experts you can easily organize different meetings and events. Päivi Rossinen and Teemu Soininen offer specifically comprehensive service. They'll first survey event's needs, wishes and goals and plan an workable implementation. Päivi and Teemu are with you from the first contact to shutting the lights from the meeting room.

Call Päivi or Teemu, and ask how they could organize just the right ensemble for your company. From your conversation they'll make an clear event description and an offer, what makes your job very easy.

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Istek, executive assistant Maarit Tuovinen:

''Teemu has a lot of experience organizing events and he saw quickly, what kind of activity would fit us the best. Relaxing evening was entertained by disc golf, laser combat game, spa and different group competitions, where people could freely participate and get to know each other. Cooperation with Teemu worked very well and staff at Kunnonpaikka was flexible with changing participant amount among other things.''

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Pohjois-Savon Allergia- ja Astmayhdistys, executive director Titta Kekäläinen: 

''Event planning and organizing always goes smoothly. Help offered by Kunnonpaikka is priceless. Value for money for small company is beyond compare. And the nature surrounding is very calming element. Any window you look out from, you'll see something scenic.''

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