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Leirikoulu Kunnonpaikka Kuopio

School camp in Kunnonpaikka

We have great setting for school camps. Hostel is perfect option for school groups of different sizes. The rooms have bunk beds depending of the room type for 2-4 person, linen, own bathroom, television and internet.

Add our versatile experiences, great cultural services and activities to your school camp. Get excited with us here in Kunnonpaikka!

Gather your program for example from these:

Leirikoulu Kunnonpaikka Kuopio



Kekkosen Kätyrit is an escaperoom, where your group will be locked to a room and your task is to solve puzzles to escape the room before the time runs out. Kekkosen kätyrit is pretty special, because you can fit even 20 person to the room at the same time. 

Leirikoulu Kunnonpaikka Kuopio
Pallotaistelupeli Kunnonpaikka Kuopio

Ball fighting game

Ball fighting game is designed for children and everyone childlike, and it can be played in the laser combat arena or even outside during summer.

You just put on a velcro vest and play with light, easily sticking balls. Use can also use shields, to cover yourself from the throws. There are many game formats from team games to 'everyone against everyone'.

Fridbeegolf Kunnonpaikka Kuopio


Our disc golf track is suitable for beginners and more experienced players. The track lasts about 30 minutes. The track has 9 baskets, and the ideal result is 27 throws. Track is 503 meters long. By clicking the picture you'll get the map bigger.

You can also keep playing to the track at Vuorela school. It's only about 200 meters away.

Wibit Kunnonpaikka kuopio


Experience relaxing moment at Kunnonpaikka's versatile spa department. From our wide selection of pools you'll definitely find a pleasing option for children and also people looking for calm atmosphere. From saturday to sunday children can enjoy Wibit- waterpark track (except holidays). Poolbar Kuplis serves you from friday to sunday.

Minigolf Kunnonpaikka Kuopio



From our backyard you can find minigolf. Equipment rented at the hotel reception for 5€/person.

Melonta Kunnonpaikka Kuopio


You can rent out a rowing boat or a canoe from Kunnonpaikka.

From our own beach you have easy access to go paddling alongside the beach or even on a longer paddling trip.

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Our sales service is open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm and on Fri from 8 am to 4 pm. Changes during vacations are possible.


Spa & Pizza or Burger Package

Spa package includes access to spa and depending on your choice, a Fantasia-pizza with four toppings or Premium Burger meal!
Savusauna Kunnonpaikka Kuopio

Smoke sauna evenings on Mondays 18.30 and Saturdays 15

Smoke sauna evenings on Mondays 18.30 and Saturdays 15

Smoke sauna warms up twice a week, on Mondays 18:30-21 and Saturdays 15-18.

Hemmottelua Harmoniassa

Pampering in Harmonia

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Harmonia spa

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Upgrade your room to other level - celebrate in the suite

Quality time just for You two 199€ /night