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Your own life adventure, Olè-project is executed with STEA's project funding. Project's target group is under 30 years old people without work or study. With this project, we try to offer young people positive experiences in different parts of life and help participants find interests, that they can start to build their life around. Project also offers them help to plan employment or studying with professionals from different fields.

Olè-project's partners are Vamos Kuopio and Kuopion nuorisoasuntosäätiö. Project has started in spring 2017 and lasts until end of the year 2019. People interested in the project can contact project employee Anniina Siponen, 044 788 9466, anniina.siponen@kunnonpaikka.com

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Kunnonpaikka sijaitsee Siilinjärven kunnassa, Vuorelan taajamassa 5-tien varrella. 10 km Kuopiosta pohjoiseen, 15 km Siilinjärveltä etelään, Kuopion/Rissalan lentokentälle 7 km.