Tykke hanke Kunnonpaikka Kuopio


Tykke-project is designed for people living in Kuopio or Tuusniemi, who have gotten labor market subsidy over 1000 days. With this project we survey customers work- and managing abilities and implication and help supporting services just right for their situation. During this project you are also helped to find pleasant activities for your free time. Project is free and it includes 3 controlled days in Kunnonpaikka, and after that the participants continue in their municipality in activities supporting implication and follow-up paths with project employees. Controlled days happening in Kunnopaikka include lunch and free use of spa and gyms.

 TYKKE-project's brochure

You can seek out to the project from Pohjois-Savo's work and business services or municipality's employment services.

Tykke-project demonstrated on MessiLive

More information about the project:

Project manager Kalle Onnela, 044 747 0696, kalle.onnela(at)kunnonpaikka.com 

Project employee Katri Suhonen, 044 788 9453, katri.suhonen(at)kunnonpaikka.com

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tykke-hankkeen päätösseminaari

Tykke-hankkeen päätösseminaari on peruttu

Päivän juontaa vuorovaikutuskouluttaja Jukka-Tapio Keränen.

Ohjelmassa hankkeen kokemusten ja tulosten lisäksi mm. LT Raija Kerättären asiantuntijaluento pitkäaikaistyöttömien työkyvyn ja kuntoutustarpeen arvioinnista.


tykke-hankkeen päätösseminaari 28.5.2020