ASA-Activity, social inclusion and control of everyday life for 40-65 year old men

ASA-project is executed with Kuopio's service college PAOK. ASA-project's target group is 40-56 year old men using social services and in the need of inclusion in their life and support for controlling everyday life. This is offered in ASA-project in manly ways, including sports, nature tours and sauna evenings. ASA-project is free. ASA-project starts 5 groups and it lasts until the end of 2019. The project can take up to 50 men in the target group.

New ASA-groups starting in 2019:

Group number 3 Monday 11.2.2019

Group number 4 Monday 13.5.2019

Group number 5 Monday 16.9.2019

You can sign up to the project by contacting Huoltoliitto's organization manager Sami Hämäläinen or PAOK's project coordinator Heli Kärnä.

ASA-projects brochure


Sami Hämäläinen, 044 7889 498, sami.hamalainen(at)

Heli Kärnä, 044 0355 624, heli.karna(at)

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