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Functional therapy

Functional therapy benefits people with difficulties of surviving daily actions, because of disability or disease.
With customer, we plan goals for functional therapy and plan to execute it. We offer functional therapy for every age.

We suggest functional therapy, if you or our relative need help managing in daily chores. We'll choose therapy methods based on individual goals and execute therapy either individually or group form. Among practical functional therapy we offer evaluation of performances, counselling, teaching and consultation.

You can come to functional therapy self-cost or doctors admission note. Functional therapy can be paid by municipality, health center, Kela, insurance company or customer itself.

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Children's functional therapy 

With children's functional therapy we are supporting planning of games and execution, concentration, interaction, operating according to the instructions, sporty capabilities and usage of hands. Individually planned and executed therapy includes development supporting sensomotor activity and play taking advantage of children's own strengths.

People coming with admission note first go to evaluation by functional therapist and counselling and therapy is planned based on the evaluation to support children's overall development, self-help and strengthening self-esteem.

toimintaterapia kunnonpaikka kuopio


Voit tulla Fysioklinikalle ilman lähetettä tai SV3-lähetteellä, vakuutusyhtiön tai kunnan/kaupungin maksusitoumuksella. 

HUOM! Mikäli sinulla on maksusitoumus, otathan yhteyttä suoraan asiakaspalveluun.

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Smoke sauna evenings on Mondays 18.30 and Saturdays 15

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