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Foot therapy

Lower limbs and feet should get checked at least once a year with a pedicure professional, foot therapist. Special groups, like diabetics and rheumatics, should have treatments regularly more than once a year. 
Also unilateral stress on lower limbs can cause muscle tension, that can affect to alignment of the whole lower limb, for example ankle joint function.

Clinic basic treatment done by foot therapist gives good base to self care. Foot therapist tells the condition of your feet, maps skin- and nail changes and takes care of your feet comprehensively. You'll get instructions for self care and choosing of the right shoes. Also mapping out muscle based things and need for individual supporting bases or other aid.

You can also come to foot therapy with payment commitment from municipality/city or insurance company. Fill an initial information form beforehand and remember to bring possible commitment with you. You can print the initial information form from this page.

You can book a time to foot therapy straight from the online store. If you can't find suitable time from the internet booking system, you can ask for more times from 044 7476 520 or

If you have payment commitment, please contact our customer service Terhi Kauppinen / 044 788 9488.


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Foot therapy initial information form

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Foot therapy prices

Foot therapist's counseling 
50 min 56 €, written compilation 35 €

•    Foot and lower limb examination (structure, movement of joints and muscles)
•    Utility needs (supporting base, cuts, compression products)
•    Shoe- and sock guidance
•    Instructions for foot functional exercises or instructions for home care.

For extra fee you can get foot therapy-statement, which includes compilation of observations made in the examination and home care-instructions based on those.

50 min 56 €
Basic treatment for feet, that includes clinical treatment for nails and skin taking customers needs in consideration and after that padding greasing. 

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