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What is Huoltoliitto ry?

Huoltoliitto ry is nationwide, non-profit health- and well-being improving organization, which develops specially well-being and independent performance supporting services for people living in difficult circumstances. The goal is community's and individual's social security, equality and well-being.

Huoltoliitto ry affects in different ways to decision makers and social policy, practices publishing and non-profit activities and is an active organization partner. Huoltoliitto ry promotes person's self-help and possibility for independent and humane worthy life by offering and improving extensive rehabilitation- and wellness services.

Huoltoliitto ry executes their action idea in organization and development and also it's own wellness-/leisure center and spa-hotel Kunnonpaikka.


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Under these sites you'll find all of the projects in progress and also ones already ended. Also the most important material from these projects. Materials are in free use for private individuals.






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perheentalo kunnonpaikka huoltoliitto kuopio siilinjärvi

Huoltoliitto to set up a family home to Siilinjärvi

Social- and health Ministry's relief center's (STEA) grant proposal in 2019 brought pleasant news to Huoltoliitto and families in Siilinjärvi. STEA granted funding to setting up a low threshold community house, a family home to Siilinjärvi. The family home is designed for families with children. Project starts 1.3.2019 and the family home opens it's doors no later than early autumn 2019.

Family home will be open on weekdays and probably some evenings and during this time, children can come to play and adults to share thoughts. Also the family home has daily controlled program, which content comes from customers' wishes. Project has lots of partners, like the municipality of Siilinjärvi, Pelastakaa Lapset ry, Tatu ry and Mannerheimin lastensuojeluliitto. Among these, a lot of hobby- and volunteer organizations from Siilinjärvi are partnering. 

We'll inform about the project's progress on our website.

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Visiting address:
Huoltoliitto ry
Jokiharjuntie 3, 70910 Vuorela

Organization manager
Sami Hämäläinen
p. 044 788 9498

If your thing concerns money transactions or billing, please contact our financial office:

If your thing concerns rehabilitation memberships in Kunnonpaikka, please contact our rehabilitation office:
044 7476 531
Rehabilitation office calling hours Mon-Fri 10-11 and 13-14.


Näin tulet meille

Kunnonpaikka sijaitsee Siilinjärven kunnassa, Vuorelan taajamassa 5-tien varrella. 10 km Kuopiosta pohjoiseen, 15 km Siilinjärveltä etelään, Kuopion/Rissalan lentokentälle 7 km.